About Us

Who we are


Our purposes are to design comfortable working and waiting areas for our customers and to raise people’s quality of life to the highest point. We transform a beautiful design into an excellent production with advanced machine and manufacturing technologies.

We aim to complete every project successfully, to increase brand recognition of the Tarz Office and to raise its position in accordance with its competitors in the market. We produce for offices, hotels, hospitals, break rooms, shopping centers, restaurants, training rooms and living rooms.

Lounge Armchairs

The main standards in our innovative products are paying attention to aesthetics, quality of material, cost, functionality and details. Our products are made with dedication by our experienced production team. Home, office or public space projects in different sizes are designed and produced in accordance with the needs of our customers and project space.

Tarz Office extends its borders and continues to export movements especially in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.